DAY 01/02 : Air Port – Negombo

ct-2Arrival, welcome, and assistance at the airport. Open with leisure at the hotel. Rest time. Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Negombo.
Located to the north of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Negombo is a small town which was originally founded by the Moors. It is actually situated on a lagoon. The ocean and the beaches make Negombo more attractive to the tourists. It is gradually emerging as a fascinating tourist destination where one can go for physical and mental relaxation.

DAY 4 : Anuradhapura, Trincomalee

Mirisaveti_Stupa-300x225After breakfast, visit the ruins of the first capital founded in the 05th century BC. There are monuments such as Ruwanveliseya Dageba,2nd century BC with its famous Elephant wall; Thuparama dageba 3rd century B.C. are found here.
The archeological sites to be visited in Anuradhapura are the Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi , Lova Maha Paaya ( Brazen Palace),Jetavana Dagaba, Abhayagiri Dagaba, Lankaramaya, Thuparamaya , Ruwandweli Seya. Miriswetiya Dagaba, The Sandakada Pahana (The Moon Stone ) Mura Gala (Guard Stones) Samadhi Statue, Kuttam Pokuuna. (The Pair of Ponds), Isurumuniya Temple, The Eth Pokuna (The Elephant Pond ) Dana Saalaawa (Alms Hall ), Abhaya Wewa nee Basawak Kulama, Tisa Wewa Nuwara Wewa Stone Bridge, Ran Masu Uyana, Korawak Gal Maha Pali Daana Saalawa ( Mahapaali Alms Hall ), and the Palace of Vijayabahu.

After the lunch leave for Trincomalee. Dinner and overnight in Trincomalee.

DAY 6 : Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya

Paintings_Sigiriya_Rock-300x225After breakfast, leave for Polonnaruwa. Then visit the ruins of Polonnaruwa’s city walls, park and gardens. When early in the 11th centaury AD Anuradhapura suffered one of the worst of its many Indian invasions, Polonnaruwa became the next seat of rule. The city it self as well as the surrounding plain was watered by a unique irrigational complex known as the sea of Parakrama (Parakrama Samudra) so vast was it’s scale.
After proceed to visit Sigiriya’s Lion Rock of Sri Lanka, which is known as the eight wonder of the world. This rock fortress was built by king Kasyapa in the 5th century A.D. and was a royal citadel for more than 18 years. In a sheltered pocket, approached by a spiral stairway, are the famous frescoes. The summit of the rock, with an area of nearly one hectare was the site of the palace, the outer wall of which was built on the very brink of the precipice. The UNESCO – sponsored Central Cultural Fund has restored Sigiriya 5th century Water Gardens to their former glory.

Return to the hotel for dinner & overnight

DAY 9 : Nuwara Eliya

s-t-4After breakfast leave for Nuwareliya, the center of hill country en-route to Ramboda falls, one of Sri Lanka’s most spectacular hill country waterfalls.
Enjoy tea tasting, visit a tea plantation and witness the manufacture of the world famous “Ceylon tea”. Lunch en route. Spend the evening walking in the cool climate. Dinner and Overnight at the hotel.
As an option you can travel by a luxury train, over the mountains from Peradeniya to Nanuoya(Railway station near to Nuwaraeliya). Then you will be collected from the Nanuoya station to travel to Nuwaraeliya.

DAY 10 : Ella

s-t-1After breakfast leave for Yala park. Stop at Elle to admire the magnificent view and the sacred city of Kataragama. Lunch en route. Arrive at hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 11 : Yala

Sri-Lanka-Wilpattu-National-Park4-300x225After breakfast, safari at the Yala National Park. The Elephant is undoubtedly the best known attraction at Yala, seen in small & large herds. Herds of spotted deer are seen all over the park. Monkeys-the pinkish rhesus and the Grey-faced Langur Monkey, live and playon the tree-tops and the ground below. Wild buffalo & wild boar could give you a good surprise & the sight of a leopard sunning itself or drinking water at a water hole could be memorable experience .the peacock is easily the most famous of the birds at Yala. The painted stork, many varieties of heron, the spoonbill, the bee-eater, parakeets, king-fisher & wood pecker are some of the birds can be seen in the park.

Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 14 : Negombo – Airport(Departure)

After Breakfast leave for Airport to connect the Departure Flight.

DAY 03 : Pinnawela / Anuradhapura

Elephant_Feeding-300x213After breakfast leave for Anuradhapura.
Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage was established in 1975 by the Sri Lanka Wildlife Department in a 25 acre coconut property near the Maha Oya river. The orphanage was originally founded in order to afford care and protection to the many orphaned elephants found in the jungle. At present, there are about 84 elephants.
The main attraction is clearly to observe the bathing of elephants from the tall river bank which allows visitors to observe the herd interacting socially whilst bathing. There are some exceptions where the elephants are taken to the river twice daily for a bath, and all the babies under three years of age are still bottle fed by the mahouts and volunteers.
Anuradhapura remained the capital of Sri Lanka from the time of King Vijaya up to the 11th century. With the growth of powerful empires in South India after the 10th century, Anuradhapura was exposed to frequent South Indian invasions. As the threats from South Indian invasions increased, the capital of Sri Lanka started to drift towards the south in the 11th century.
Anuradhapura contains several large dagobas relating to the monastic communities as well as theSri Maha Bodhi, a large Bo tree reputedly the oldest historically documented tree, bought as a cutting from the tree under, which the Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment in Bodgaya, North India.
Dinner & overnight stay at the Hotel in Anuradhapura

DAY 5 : Trincomalee

s-t-2After breakfast, visit Sri Lanka’s Harbour, the fifth largest natural harbour in the world. Optional shopping., visit the seven hot springs of Kanniya. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight.
Trincomalee, one of the finest natural deep-water harbors in the world is located 257 km north-east of Colombo, capital city of Sri Lanka. Trincomalee is home to fine beaches of Nilaveli, Uppaveli and off-shore Pigeon Island. Recently Trincomalee has become popular as a Whale Watching destination too. The Dive centers at Nilaveli, Uppaveli support the tourists to enjoy their holidays in diving, snorkeling and swimming. Trincomalee district, called Gokanna or Gokarna in the historical chronicles and inscriptions, being studded with a multitude of ruins of ancient Buddhist temples, is a major Sinhalese Buddhist cultural and archeological site of Sri Lanka. The seven hot springs at Kanniyai located just 8km from Trincomalee attract regular crowds throughout the year in view of the therapeutic properties of water therein varying in temperature from one well to the other.

DAY 7/8 : Kandy / Peradeniya

s-t-3After breakfast, leave for Kandy. visit the highlights of Kandy City, including The Temple of Tooth (the Dalada Maligawa, Royal Palace, and Lankathilaka Temple)Kandy, the last Royal capital of Sri Lanka is a major tourist destination. Famous for the Temple of the Tooth and many other temples. The city could be called the cultural capital of the island.
Kandyan culture was able to foster and maintain its own social structure, mode of living, art & architecture. The kings of Kandy ensured the safety and sovereignty of the hill capitol and it’s great culture until the British finally captured the city in 1815.
Kandy was originally known as Senkadagala Pura after a hermit named Senkada who lived there. Many of Sinhalese people call it Mahanuwara meaning the “Great City”. The name Kandy was derived from the word “kanda”, which means mountain. Due to it’s geographical location, Kandy was not an easy target for the foreign invaders who could gain the control of coastal area of the island.
The Temple of Tooth – Dalada Maligawa is a major attraction in Kandy. The relics were brought from India sixteen centuries ago, and was always kept in the ancient capital and was moved when the respective kingdom and capital was changed. The tooth relics are rarely exhibited except for the kandy procession, which takes place in August annually.
Peradeniya Botanical Garden.
A large variety of decorative plants and other creepers that are used to produce the special spices of Sri Lanka are found in Peradeniya Botanical Garden. Huge tropical trees are found through the length and breath of the lawns. The orchid house in the garden is really worth to visit. There are more than three hundred varieties of superb orchids blooming in profusion. The spice garden in the park has trees and plants used for preparing traditional Ayurvedic medicine. The magnificence of the garden is heightened by the Mahaweli River which flows through its outer edge.

Dinner & overnight stay at the Hotel in Kandy.

DAY 12 : Galle

Galle_Fort_1-300x225After breakfast leave for Galle. Visit the old Portuguese fort, later rebuilt and extended by the Dutch is still fine preservation. Most of the administration of Galle still takes place from the fort .the view from the ramparts is superb.
Galle is the capital city of the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. The town has a World Heritage Site to its name and that is predominantly responsible for its popularity with tourists. This is the 300-year-old Dutch Fort, but there are other historical buildings to view as well.
The Dutch Fort is the primary attraction. Walking around the Fort’s Ramparts is a good early morning excursion. This is the largest remaining fortress in Asia built by Europeans.
Optional shopping. Return to hotel for dinner and overnight.

DAY 13 : Negombo.

ct-2Located to the north of Colombo in Sri Lanka, Negombo is a small town which was originally founded by the Moors. It is actually situated on a lagoon. The ocean and the beaches make Negombo more attractive to the tourists. It is gradually emerging as a fascinating tourist destination where one can go for physical and mental relaxation. Negombo Overview provides details about this place.Overlook the Fishing village- Dutch canal, and the City of Negombo for the Last minute shopping
Dinner & Overnight stay at the Hotel in Negombo

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